BRUNSWICK HDS.TOSS - 20th June, 2020

Birds are scheduled to be liberated. Exact liberation time unknown.

SPECIAL NEWS. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR NEWS UPDATES ..COVID AMENDED SCHEDULE STH. NOW AVAILABLE. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW AND PRINT........................................................................................................................... 22/05/20Afternoon Secretaries > Confirming our intention to use NRC transporter and our usual liberator Fred Laskus for two Brunswick Heads releases on 20th and 27th of June. > Could you please indicate by the 12 Th June the number of crates your club will require these can be collected from NRC clubrooms on Saturday the 13th June between 9 am and 12 pm . > These crates will be required to be signed for and cleaning and papering will be that clubs responsibility. Collection of all affiliate clubs crates will be no later than 7.30 am from most likely North Gold Coast club rooms but please advise your members supporting this release to have birds at clubhouse by 7am , Fred will leave no later than 7.40am > Crate limits will be 30 birds per crate , liberation times from Brunswick Heads may vary slightly but expected to be approximately 10am . > Can you please provide your club contact name and mobile number so they can be advised and notify their club flyers accordingly . > We expect these training runs will be significantly supported and we intend to see every flyer allocated one crate and then if crates remain vacant further allocation can be made . > Crate costs are $20 each all monies for release must be paid to Fred at time of collection with identification of flyers name and number of birds and crates . > No pay no play to quote the obvious . Obviously NRC must cover costs for these training runs if for some reason there is not enough interest Then we reserve the right to cancel, unlikely but we need to be very clear > NRC Club will basket on the Friday night prior at clubrooms . > For those of you not familiar with Fred he is a very experienced pigeon man birds welfare always comes first , your birds are in very very good hands indeed . > Should you require any clarification of arrangements please do not hesitate to contact me > I look forward to hearing from you before the 12th June. > Thanks in anticipation > Neal Rose > NRC Secretary


NRC 2018 Flying Rules (Apr 2018)

NRC COVID19 Amended Schedule Sth .< PRESS HERE